Self-Portrait in Finland 2016 Day In The Life Session Documentary Family Photography

Self-Portrait in Finland 2016
Day In The Life Session
Documentary Family Photography

Hi! I am so glad you found my website. I am Sennu Maria Keith, owner and photographer at Stories of Joy Photography. I am wildly excited about documentary photography. My passion is for everyone to have at least one Day In The Life documentary of their families. Or one from every year! In a blink of an eye, children are in a different phase, and life has changed again. Will you remember in ten, twenty years what life was like with your little ones?

My husband and I have six children. Our older four are quadruplets, and we adopted two girls from China. While we have a lot of photos of their childhood, most are of low quality from birthdays and holidays, coupled with awkward "say cheese!" fake smiles. We certainly don't have any professional documentary photos of what our regular days were like. I would so love to have more than a blurry glimpse into our early days with young children. We missed our chance with our older children. They are almost grown up now.

There is so much joy and beauty in the mundane. The breakfast crumbs on the table, dishes in the sink, diaper changes, errands, running around, wiping faces and bottoms, feeding dinners and brushing teeth. A lot of work. A lot of wonder and happiness. I see a gentle hand patting a little head, quick squeeze hugs, special smiles. As you take care of your family, I capture the love and connections between your family members. Parenting is hard. I will show that in my images, too. Real life is honest and raw, and that is what you want to remember from these days.

Since I have six children, I specialize in all things crazy. I have three boys and three girls. I have seen many temper tantrums and a lot of naughtiness. I know children. I know what it's like to be a tired parent. When crazy starts happening at your house, I will either give you a little space, or a hug. Or both. And, probably a picture, too. The crazy often gives us the best photos, the ones we will always treasure and laugh about.

See? I am wildly passionate about my work. I think it's a good thing.

When I'm not photographing, editing photos or taking photography classes, you can find me homeschooling (not necessarily at home), reading a book in my pajamas, outside exploring God's beautiful creation, or traveling. I am originally from Finland (moi!), and go back to visit whenever I can. I love to travel and see new places. Our family even spent a few years roadschooling in our vintage Airstream RV. What an amazing experience!



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