Special events? Senior pictures? Something else? Life events can be documentary sessions, as well.

Documentary Sessions can be customized to fit your needs.

Some of the sessions Stories of Joy Photography offers:

Birth Story Session tells the story of your birth experience, whether it happens at the hospital, birthing center or at home. There is nothing graphic, and no posing involved, instead, I will be there to quietly capture the beauty of this very special time in a professional and sensitive way. Please contact me for more information.


Short Documentary Sessions: These shorter sessions (from 2.5 hrs up) are like a mini Day in the Life Session. We can document a bedtime routine, or a morning routine, or anything you would like to have pictures of. It could even be a birthday party! Additional hours can be added for an extra fee.


Adoption Homecoming Sessions can be a Short Documentary Session, or a Day In The Life Session that takes place at the airport or at the courtroom. It can even be a Birth Story Session with open adoptions.


Wedding Photography: For the bride and the groom interested in storytelling documentary wedding photography, contact me for more information. My goal is tell the story of the day, and get gorgeous portraits for you as well.

Fresh 48/Newborn Documentary Sessions are a perfect way to preserve those precious early days of baby (or babies!). No posing necessary! No cleaning house, either - we will concentrate on the special connections between family members, and documenting what your life is right now. I will come to the hospital, or to your home, and spend a couple of hours with your family, documenting you and your little one.


Homeschooling Session: The Homeschool Documentary Session is very flexible. Each homeschool family is different, so each session will be different, as well. It can be as long or short as you want, and it can be at home, or at park, or in a car or at gymnastics - you know how it goes. I would love to capture this chaotic and sweet time in your life in a professional and unique way.


Disney Day in the Life Sessions are similar to Day in the Life Sessions at your home, except I tag along your family as you explore one of the Walt Disney World parks, documenting your day at one of the world's most magical places, so you will have moments and memories preserved of your fun day.


Family Portrait Sessions: These shorter sessions (up to 1.5 hrs) are a much like a Beach Session, a fun, no stress way to get your family's pictures taken. Beforehand, we choose an activity that you think your family would enjoy doing together, whether it is playing in the park or at the beach, staying home, or going for a hike or out for ice cream. All the while I will be documenting your family time together. Towards the end, when everyone is feeling relaxed, and we've gotten to know each other a little bit, we will get those family portraits done in a snap.

Just beware - the families usually end up wet, dirty or tired, but with big grins on their faces.

Stories of Joy Photography is available for travel, as well. Contact Stories of Joy Photography for more information.


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