The M Family - Day In The Life (New Hampshire)

Earlier this month I had the privilege of spending a day with the M family in New Hampshire. They are a wonderful, wholesome, inspiring homeschool family of five, with children ages 9, 7 and 4. About two months ago mom was diagnosed with cancer. An aggressive one that is large and spreads fast.

Mom writes a blog (click here), and in September she wrote:

Emotionally yesterday and today have been the hardest. A short conversation with my oncologist revealed that i have a life expectancy of 4-12 months. Needless to say that that pretty much knocked the breath out of me. I hadn’t realized how insufficient the chemo is with my particular cancer. I have 1% chance of a miracle, so I going for that 1% and I am not stopping.

The day I spent with the M's, mom was feeling good. Dad was home from work, and grandma had come to stay for a couple of months from Finland. And a friend from Texas was there to help with a healthy, organic diet.

I hope the pictures will speak for themselves, but you could imagine a day in the life of young mom diagnosed with a serious cancer would have been a depressing day. Instead, there was an amazing peace and joy in the house, all day.

In the beginning of her blog mom writes:

I am a daughter of a mighty and compassionate God. He is the God of gods and Lord of lords, mighty and awesome, He is my refuge. I am the bride of my considerate, ever-understanding, and oh so breath taking husband. I am a mother to our three sweet, rambunctiously giggly and happy children, they are my everything. I am also a 36-year old woman who is about to take on cancer! This is our story.

And yes, I completely sensed the presence of God in this household, and the many, many prayers people are praying all over the world. This family is in for a fight, but they have God on their side, and they are not alone!

Would you join the prayer forces?