The L Family - Day In The Life

Last week my little girls and I were in Virginia, and I was finally able to photograph a Day In The Life session for my sister's family. It wasn't a typical day for them, as my girls were there, too, and my sister didn't homeschool that day. We had just come back from an intense photography workshop, and both my sister and I were exhausted. Also, her husband didn't know about the shoot until he got home, and a camera recorded the homecoming!!

My sister has five children, ages 9, 8, 6, 3 and 1. You'll see my 10 and 3-year olds in a few photos, too. They are a military homeschooling family.

I made a slideshow with music of our smaller gallery for them. Each Day In The Life Family has two galleries of photos, a smaller one of approximately one hundred photos, and a larger one than has 300-500 images from the full day.